M+ at Night: Be a Pioneer

Date : 6 Oct 2023 (Fri) 6pm - 10pm
Venue : M+

Please buy tickets of 6th Oct 2023 to know more and join!

Looking for a fun Friday evening? On 6 October, M+ at Night: Be a Pioneer will offer an exciting series of creative activities in the spirit of our new Special Exhibition Madame Song: Pioneering Art and Fashion in China. Whether you’re a solo visitor or joining with a group of friends, you can wander through the museum at your own pace.

Through hands-on workshops, talks, music performances, and in-gallery activities with creators across the disciplines, learn about the influences of the legendary Song Huai-Kuei, while exploring your own hidden potential. Discover how you might draw on your strengths to pioneer changes in your daily life.

Activities on the Ground Floor and Basement 1 are free of charge, while those on Level 2 are open to visitors with exhibition tickets.  Find out more details about each activity below!

Free Drop-in Activities


Temperament Test

Madame Song was not only a pioneer in art but also in Chinese fashion industry. Take a test about your daily life to understand your own temperament and discover yourself from different perspectives, uncovering your potential to become a pioneer.

Time: 18:30 (Cantonese), 19:15 (English), 20:00 (Mandarin), 20:45 (Cantonese) (30 minutes per session)

Location: Learning Hub, Ground Floor

Music Performance

Bowen Li x Brian Mok Duo

As part of Freespace Jazz Fest, musicians Bowen Li and Brian Mok will bring us jazz covers of iconic 1980s pop songs from the East and the West, echoing the ambience of Maxim’s, the first Western dining establishment to open in China after the Cultural Revolution.

Time: 19:30, 20:30 (45 minutes per session)

Location: Lightwell Hall, Basement 1

Free By-registration Talk

Transformation through Body Positivity

Has your body image ever been affected negatively by societal beauty standards? Countering narrowly-defined standards of the ‘perfect body’, the concept of body positivity promotes the acceptance and respect of all bodies, regardless of their size, shape, skin colour, gender, and physical abilities.

Taking from Madame Song's life story as someone who defied the norms of her time and who subsequently paved the way for artistic and cultural innovators to follow, Tanja Cunz, Associate Curator, Design and Architecture at M+, will moderate a discussion on body positivity, featuring plus-size fashion designer Gloria Tsui and gender studies researcher Sonia Wong. Drawing on their own experiences with body acceptance, the speakers will discuss what it means to have a positive body image and how respecting all bodies can help build a more inclusive society.

This free talk will be held in English, with simultaneous interpretation available in Cantonese. Click on ‘Register’ to sign up.

Activities for Ticket Holders


Sustainable Fashion Workshop: From Tie to Necklace (for all exhibition ticket holders)

Interested in incorporating principles of sustainable fashion in your daily life? Join fashion designer Kelvin Wan, winner of the Redress Design Award, to learn simple techniques to reuse and upcycle old ties to fashionable and trendy necklaces.

Time: 19:15 (Cantonese), 20:00 (English), 20:45 (Mandarin) (30 minutes per session)

Location: Atrium, Level 2

In-gallery Activities

Find Your Unique Style (for Special Exhibition ticket holders)

Madame Song presented herself in various styles across her multiple roles in the art circle and fashion industry. Learn how to create unique looks with decorative items to showcase your distinctive self-image.

Time: 18:00–21:30

Location: Breakout Space, West Gallery, Level 2

Pop-up Chat by M+ Staff (for Special Exhibition ticket holders)

Join M+ staff from different departments to hear behind-the-scenes stories and fun facts about their preparation for the Madame Song: Pioneering Art and Fashion in China exhibition.

Time: 19:00 (Mandarin), 19:30 (Mandarin), 20:00 (Cantonese), and 20:30 (English) (15 minutes per session)

Location: West Gallery, Level 2

Source: M+ website

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