WestK x Reframe Theatre: Post Office in Hell Part 1

Date : 1-3 March 2024 (Fri-Sun)
Venue : West Kowloon Cultural District - The Room, Freespace

Participatory theatre experience adapted from best-selling novel Hell Post Office.

The eerie yet captivating story of a postman delivering letters to the afterlife for three clients is being brought to life in a theatre format for the first time. This is the first part of Post Office in Hell, adapted from the popular novel by Westwingmoon, who incorporates his professional experience in the funeral industry into his writing practice. To explore a new approach to storytelling, the novelist collaborates with theatre veteran Yan Pat-to to create an participatory theatre experience for the audience.

Yan, who has worked in both Hong Kong and Germany, is renowned for his ability to convey delicate emotions through innovative writing and directing. As the story unfolds, the audience will embark on an audio journey across various stops within the West Kowloon Cultural District.

This programme is co-presented and co-produced by WestK and Reframe Theatre. It is part of the WestK Creators series, and part of “Institute of Posthuman Art & Culture” curated by Reframe Theatre.

About WestK Creators

WestK Creators celebrates contemporary Hong Kong artists working across a variety of performing arts disciplines, contexts and forms. Encouraging exchange and collaboration, the series showcases innovative original productions, and nurtures experimentation and new perspectives for the Hong Kong performing arts scene.

Curated and produced by the Contemporary Performance Team of West Kowloon Performing Arts Division, WestK Creators promotes diverse creative voices and aesthetics, supports new work development, and facilitates the creation process from concept to stage, through residencies, research and development opportunities and work-in-progress presentations.

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