Gazing at Sanxingdui Hong Kong Palace Museum

Date : 27 Sep 2023 - 8 Jan 2024
Venue : Hong Kong Palace Museum

The Hong Kong Palace Museum presents over 900 priceless treasures from the Palace Museum. Many of them are on display in Hong Kong for the first time, while others have never been shown to the public before. The Museum regularly presents special exhibitions featuring Chinese art and culture, as well as art and treasures from other parts of the world.

There are two types of admission tickets. Concession tickets are available for both ticket types.

Purchase General Admission tickets for access to the thematic exhibitions in Gallery 1 to Gallery 7. From now until 26 September 2023, HK$50 for adults; from 27 September 2023 onwards, HK$60 for adults.

Purchase Special Exhibition tickets for access to all galleries. From now until 26 September 2023, HK$120 for adults; from 27 September 2023 onwards, HK$150 for adults.

The duration of each exhibition varies. Please refer to the Museum website for the latest information.

Exhibition Details

Gallery 8: “Gazing at Sanxingdui: New Archaeological Discoveries in Sichuan” (27 September 2023 to 8 January 2024)

Hong Kong Palace Museum and Sichuan Cultural Institutions are co-organising the Special Exhibition “Gazing at Sanxingdui: New Archaeological Discoveries in Sichuan”. This three-and-half-month-long exhibition features spectacular recent archaeological discoveries at Sanxingdui. “Gazing at Sanxingdui” highlights new archaeological discoveries at Sanxingdui in Sichuan province, featuring 120 bronze, jade, gold, and pottery objects dating to 2,600-4,500 years ago, with 23 grade-one national treasures. Nearly half of these were unearthed in the most recent excavations at the Sanxingdui site between 2020 and 2022, and many are being exhibited outside Sichuan for the first time, such as bronze heads, mythical creatures, eye-shaped objects, dragon-shaped objects, a hybrid tiger-dragon figure, as well as a jade rectangular stand with animal face and phoenix-bird motifs, which are currently on display at the new Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan, Sichuan.

Gallery 9 - Radiance: Ancient Gold from the Hong Kong Palace Museum Collection and the Mengdiexuan Collection
The special exhibition marks the debut of the Hong Kong Palace Museum’s permanent collection at a major special exhibition and is the biggest exhibition on ancient gold artefacts in Hong Kong in recent years.
On view from 22 February to 3 October 2023, it showcases more than 200 sets of ancient golds selected from the generous donations by Betty Lo and Kenneth Chu to the HKPM and their world-renowned Mengdiexuan Collection. These precious objects from the Eurasian Steppe, Tubo Kingdom, and Central Plains, with the oldest dating back to the 18th century BCE, highlight the artistic and technical achievements of gold in ancient China. The exhibition also explores the role of gold in political activities, life, culture, and the dynamic connections across territories over the past 3,000 years.

Gallery 1 - Entering the Forbidden City: Architecture, Collection, and Heritage
Built on Beijing’s central axis, the position of the Forbidden City testifies to its significance to Chinese politics and culture.

Gallery 2 - From Dawn to Dusk: Life in the Forbidden City
Follow in the footsteps of the emperors and empresses of the Forbidden City and experience court life in the eighteenth century.
Gallery 3 - Clay to Treasure: Ceramics from the Palace Museum Collection
The Palace Museum is home to one of the world’s richest collections of Chinese ceramics.

Gallery 4 - Encountering the Majestic: Portraits of Qing Emperors and Empresses
The ruling family of the Qing dynasty observed the Confucian tradition of filial piety and ancestor veneration.

Gallery 5 - The Quest for Originality: Contemporary Design and Traditional Craft in Dialogue
While the term sheji (“design”) was not used in China until the late nineteenth century, artisans there have been designing and making beautiful and ingenious objects for millennia.

Gallery 6 - Private to Public: The History of Chinese Art Collecting in Hong Kong
Beginning in the late nineteenth century, an influx of people and antiquities from Mainland China turned Hong Kong into a prosperous metropolis and a hub for collecting Chinese art.

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