Art Education Theater “All About The Three Kingdoms”

Date : 14 June 2024 19:45pm & 15 June 2024 15:00pm
Venue : Jockey Club Auditorium, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dance transcending form and imagination

Gaining mastery of dance through years of practice, dancers convey the beauty of tradition in their rich and expressive movements. In this rerun,
All About The Three Kingdoms will not only share with audiences the joy of artistic creation, but will bring deeper insights into arts appreciation through interactive sessions and demonstrations of various kinds of Chinese folk dances like Dai, Miao, Xinjiang Uyghur and Mongolian dance. Pick your seat in the theatre and immerse yourself in the magic of dance!

Art Education Theatre
All About The Three Kingdoms is a family-friendly performance for audiences of all ages. Fusing Chinese literature and dance elements into education, we are excited to bring audiences more excerpts from HKDC’s original dance drama Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In excerpts from this great classic, we’ll share the heartaches and tribulations of its heroes as they face troubled times. Let’s travel back in time to this heroic era.

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