Bernarda Alba (Musical)

Date : 13-18 May 2024 07:45 pm and 18 May 2024 02:45pm

“Musical in Cantonese”

This is a musical adaptation of the famous Spanish poet Lorca’s work of the same title. The powerful matriarch, Bernarda Alba, following her second husband's funeral, decrees to her five daughters that the household will enter a period of mourning during which they will shut the doors on the world outside of the village. Yet, the house can trap “people” but not with their hearts. As everyone tries their best to escape, Angustias, the eldest daughter, seems to be the only one to escape this fate as she is already betrothed to Pepe el Romano, the most attractive young bachelor of the village. In the strict confines of the house, jealousy and suppressed sexuality rise to the surface among the daughters.

among the daughters.

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