Gongs and Drums

Date : 14 - 15 June 2024 19:30
Venue : HKAPA Rita Tong Liu Drama Theatre

Xiao He chases after Han Xin

At the end of the Qin dynasty, Han Xin left the regime of Chu and turned to serve the regime of Han. However, Han Xin did not receive recognition from Liu Bang, the King of Han. In dismay, he left Han when the moon shone in the dark night. With the strong faith of retaining Han Xin to serve in the regime, the Prime Minister of Han, Xiao He, chased after Han Xin day and night despite all the dangers on the way. Xiao promised with a bet on his official position that Han Xin would be put in an important position by Liu Bang. Finally, Xiao He succeeded to convince Han Xin to return with his total sincerity.

Catch Zhang Sanlang Alive

During the reign of King Hui of the Song dynasty, a serious flood occurred in the county of Pei. Yan Xijiao had no choice but fled to Yunzhou of Shandong with her family. To bury her father who died in the disaster, Yan offered to marry someone for funeral expenses. Song Jiang paid Yan a lump sum of money and married her as his concubine. However, Yan had an affair with the follower of Song, Zhang Wenyuan (Sanlang). Learning of Yan’s infidelity, Song furiously killed Yan, who harboured resentment after death. Missing Zhang deeply, Yan sneaked into his house and caught him alive, in the hope of continuing their romance in the underworld.

“Shatter the Marriage Challenge Sign”from Liu Jinding

In the early Song dynasty, Zhao Kuangyin, the Emperor of the Song, unified the states in the North. Li Yu, the King of the southern state of Nantang who still occupied the South, besieged Zhao at Shouzhou by feigning surrender. To rescue Zhao from the crisis, Gao Junbao, the nephew of Zhao, slipped away from the capital Bianzhou. When he passed Shuangsuo Mountain, he saw the marriage challenge sign set up by the lady Liu Jinding and shattered it. Gao took the challenge and had martial art competitions with Liu, who beat Gao with her extraordinary skills in three rounds of the fight. In their encounter, they gradually developed romantic feelings and exchanged their weapons and accessories to confirm engagement.

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