2024 World Youth & Children's Choir Festival cum 1st Greater Bay Area Choir Festival – Hong Kong: Starry Concert Series – Joint Concert by Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir and Poya Songbook Choir

Date : 16 July 2024 20:00pm

Two Resident Choral Artists of the Festival, Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir and Poya Songbook Choir will take turns to perform with a local guest choir, St. Paul’s College School Choir.

Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir (Europe)

The Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir is a versatile and international project choir established in 2011. It consists of professional conductors and talented young singers from different countries. The aim of the project is to perform on a high artistic level, to encourage singers to think about the role of art in the society today, and to explore different ways of affecting audiences. In 2019, the choir was in invited as a Resident Artist to the 2019 World Youth & Children’s Choir Festival – Hong Kong, where they performed as a demonstration choir for the World Choral Conducting Competition and Festival workshops & concerts. In the same year, they also took up a residency at Olavsfest 2019 in Trondheim, Norway.

Poya Songbook Choir (China)

The Poya Songbook Choir was founded in 2012, is committed to singing songs from the Poya Songbook, which originated in Poya village and is a collection of Zhuang ethnic group folk songs recorded on a piece of hand-woven cloth bearing 81 pictographic characters. They were a gold prize winner at the 2016 Ninth World Choir Games, and have grown into “the highest standard for Yunnan Zhuang ethnic choruses”. This choir is characterized by their delicate, soft and soothing singing, and its sound has now become a model of folk singing at home and abroad.

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