Academy Opera: Lehár The Merry Widow

Date : 26-27, 29-30 March 2024 19:30
Venue : HKAPA Rita Tong Liu Drama Theatre

The Merry Widow is an operetta composed by Franz Lehár. The story revolves around Hanna Glawari, a wealthy widow from the Balkan province of Pontevedro. Ambassador Baron Zeta is anxious that when Hanna re-marries, it should be to a Pontevedrian and not a Frenchman, to keep her money in the country and save them all from ruin. Count Danilo seems the obvious choice, but they are former lovers, and he's reluctant to marry her for her money. Misunderstandings arise when Baron's wife, Valencienne, has an affair with Frenchman Camille. Hanna steps in to save Valencienne's reputation by saying that she intends to marry Camille. This complicates matters, even as Danilo begins to realise his true feelings for Hanna. The operetta is filled with misunderstandings and comic intrigue, leaving the audience wondering about the outcome.

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