MY LITTLE PONY: The Crown of Friendship

Date : 31 May 2024 - 01 June 2024
Venue : HKAPA Rita Tong Liu Drama Theatre

Tickets are available from 03 April 2024 at 10:00am at www.cityline.com and telephone booking hotline at (852) 2111-5333 (Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm, except public holidays).

Ticket Price (HK$):

A/$480 B/$420 C/$380 D/$280

Promotional Ticket:

Early Bird Tickets: Public Release Date - April 14th


Parent-child Duo Ticket: 20% off

Family Trio Ticket: 25% off


Parent-child Duo Ticket: 15% off

Family Trio Ticket: 20% off

Celebrating International Children's Day: April 15th - June 1st


Parent-child Duo Ticket: 15% off

Family Trio Ticket: 20% off


Parent-child Duo Ticket: 10% off

Family Trio Ticket: 15% off

Cityline Customer Service Fee:

Online Ticketing: HK$12 per ticket

Hotline Booking: HK$15 per ticket

Updated date: 02Apr2024 17:50


Happy Kids is set to bring well-received live shows for the audience,

to offer a get-together place for the MLP fans,

My Little Pony full English live show is coming to

Hong Kong!

A whole new adventure with great fascination

           The 'Crown of Friendship' centers on "Friendship and Magic", featuring tightly knit story beyond its animation and movies.

All six beloved ponies will appear on the stage,

including an unexpected and mysterious menace who attempt to rule over all of Equestria!

Adventure, friendship, enchantment, power,

Tenaciousness, kindness, generosity, loyalty...

presenting audiences a sweet and healing friendship of magic.

A grand festival is waiting for us!

This meticulously crafted live show is joined with excellent production teams

To produce the live show from the well-known Hasbro IPs,

Happy Kids is gathering professionals from Europe, America, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan,

aiming to perfectly restore the animated characters and its comical plot settings.

Using unparalleled stage embellishments and distinctive musical ambiance, giving audiences an unforgettable live experience.

The live show adopts tailor-made mascots,

allowing the ponies to move freely.

The addition of specially created songs and scenes promise to inject vitality and detailed design into the stage, establishing a lively and intriguing ambiance for the audience.

The show is both enlightening and entertaining, and offer a great environment

for interaction,

let’s follow the main characters to join the journey!

Not only it is the show to bring joy, but it also offers a lively classroom that can inspire children.

My Little Pony : The 'Crown of Friendship' , the full English live show – Hong Kong will be available very soon.

Let’s go and enjoy the show!

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