Seoi-bo-long Video Festival Released

Date : 6 February - 5 March 2024
Venue : Screenings Online

The Floral Princess 65th Anniversary Series of 9 Events organised by Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop comprises variations of cross-disciplinary art works. Seoi-bo-long Video Festival is presented by Utopia in partnership with Cityline, Renaissance Foundation and HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity. With Floral Princess as its theme and imagery as its means, the festival aims at inducing creativity beyond bounds.

Detail: https://www.utopia.org.hk/en/content.php?id=78

“Seoi-bo-long” is a formulaic performance set unique to Canto-opera. It depicts the process where someone on the horns of a dilemma makes a difficult decision after battling through inner conflicts. The performance matches the rhythm of percussion instruments: sometimes passionate, sometimes tardy, sometimes still, sometimes stretching. It expresses, through body movements, the inner feelings of vexation and bewilderment, and the mental journey, bright or dark, of weighing the pros and cons at length and finally making up one’s mind. The jargon is “Seoi-bo-long” (literally “waves”).

In the 1970s in Hong Kong, a young man in his twenties was engaged in both Kung Fu and the movie industry. At the age of 30, he successfully re-defined Kung Fu x Film, which was unique to Hong Kong. It impacted the world and continues to do so to this day. His name is Bruce Lee, the widely acclaimed King of Kung Fu. In the 1980s in the U.S., there was another young man in his twenties who put innovative ideas into MV: Music x Video and enriched its contents. This has long lasting influence on MV production. His name is Michael Jackson, honoured as the King of Pop. Now it is time for our young talents to create COV: Canto-opera x Video to impact the future and expand the spectrum of imagination and creativity of our own traditional arts. This way, they will be able to penetrate hearts with a global reach through Online.

The festival showcases works by students, image creators and professional image directors. Entrants of different generations present diverse thoughts about Floral Princess. Gordon LAM, Cyrus HO, Leon KO, Marcus LAM, Dr. LO Wai-luk, DING Yuin-Shan and WONG Cheuk-man act as judges.

  • My Favourite Video:

         Viewers to select from Open Group. Cash prize of HK$10,000 to participant with highest vote.

  • My Favourite Student Video:

         Viewers to select from Students Group. Cash prize of HK$5,000 to participant with highest vote.

  • Our Response to Voting Viewers:

         Viewer picking winners of My Favourite Video and My Favourite Student Video has a chance to win cash prize of HK$1,000.

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